Saved to bear fruit (Luke 13:6 – 9) Pastor Lawrence


We were all created with a purpose in mind. There is nothing that God created that doesn't serve a purpose. For the believer, this is why Jesus gave his life; so we can be given the opportunity to know God, discover who we are and  fulfill God's purpose in the earth through the life we live. Sadly, there are so many Christians that are unproductive.

We are saved to bear fruit. Fruit was created to provide nourishment. I often pray daily that God will help me to live my life in a way that will allow others to be blessed. When we live our lives fulfilling the will of God, Jesus is lifted up, men are drawn and the Kingdom is advanced. There are many reasons why a Christian can be unproductive; here are some common reasons:

  • Vanity – Thinking more on oneself than others.
  • Un-forgiveness – Holding on to past hurts.
  • Distrust – Suspicious of  people and situations before engaging.
  • Fear – Living life with the spirit of fear. Thinking the worse before thinking the best.
  • Hatred – Harboring jealousy and envy for someone that has what you want.
  • Covetousness – Desiring and/or trying to mimic someone else life while forsaking who God has made you.

All of these things do not reflect what God is; LOVE! If you find yourself in any of these states, the good news is you can be healed. Like the planter in Luke 13:6-9, Jesus wants to heal you. Open your heart to Christ and receive the nourishment of His Love. If you do that, then time will heal your wounds and you will begin to bear fruit for the Kingdom. If you choose to hold on to the things that causes you to remain unproductive, remember this, the Master is looking for the tree that bears fruit. Every tree that fails to bring forth fruit will be cut down. ARE YOU MAKING A DIFFERENCE OR ARE YOU TAKING UP SPACE?


Pastor Lawrence


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