Take The Risk


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I post this for everyone that is unsatisfied with the present state of their life and deep within their heart, know there is something better.

I think about Israel in Joshua chapter 3, standing at the river Jordan. After wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, they were ready to enter the promise land. Their brother nation,

“Edom”, denied them passage through their land to enter the land of Canaan. The nation Edom were the descendants of Esau (the brother of Jacob). This left only one way to get to the promise land and that was crossing the Jordan River. The entry point in which Israel had to cross the Jordan River was impossible to cross. It was the point in which all the major waters met. Imagine it being like Niagara Falls!  My point is, when you are working diligently toward moving your life forward, you will always be met with opposition. People that have the power to make your entry point to a better life easy, will purposely withhold their help. Israel had two choices, either trust God or die in the wilderness. They decided to trust God and go the path that God chosen for them. That path was the Jordan River. It looked impossible. It looked like they would not survive it but they walked the path. The bible says that when the Priests of Israel feet hit the water bearing the the Ark of The Covenant on their backs, the waters that were the source to the Jordan River was cut off and Israel passed over on dry land. When they moved in the direction God had chosen for them, God responded. God only responds to his plans!

If your reading this post, you may be at a point in your life where you’ve been working diligently toward moving your life forward and you’re at a standstill. With all of your maneuvering, there is still only one path for you to go. It’s risky! It’s never been done before! It looks impossible to survive! However, if you take the risk, you will see the power of God move in your life and you will obtain what you’ve been hoping for.

Israel’s one act that day showed God 1.) Their Obedience to Him and 2.) Their Faith in Him. This is the type of response that will move your life forward. This is the response that God is looking for from you.

It’s risky! It’s crazy! It doesn’t make sense! IT’S GOD!!! So, let God be God in your life




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