What Now ?


There is nothing better than coming out of bondage! A bondage situation is a situation in which you want to leave but your trapped. In some cases it’s not a situation per say that you can’t leave but there is no way for you to leave unscathed.  Leaving the situation may mean starting over! Leaving the situation may mean relinquishing what is yours and leaving with absolutely nothing; no money, no support or/and no security! Absolutely, nothing!

In the Bible, the Hebrew nation was in bondage to Egypt for 400 years (Exodus chpt. 1). After years of crying out to God, God raised up Moses and sent him to lead the people out of Egypt. Through plagues afflicted upon the Egyptians, God broke the authority of the Egyptians over the nation of Israel and forced Pharaoh to let Israel go. Then, God totally annihilated  the armies of Pharaoh by hardening the heart of Pharaoh to pursue after the people. For those that do not know the rest of the story, God leads the nation of Israel to the Red Sea, divides the Red Sea and Israel walks across on dry land. Pharaoh and his army were drowned when they attempted to pursue after the nation of Israel (Exodus chpt. 14). After experiencing a tremendous victory, Israel celebrated. They had a party like none other! After traveling in the desert for three days and unable to find water, the singing and the celebrating ceased and Moses and God popularity rating begin to plummet. Two months and fifteen days after leaving Egypt, instead of singing and dancing, the nation of Israel was now saying “Why didn’t God let us die in comfort in Egypt where we had lamb stew and all the bread we could eat? You’ve (Moses) brought us out into this wilderness to starve us to death, the whole company of Israel!” (Exodus 16: 3 Message Translation) The beatings and the cruel treatment ended but also the 3 meals a day and the warm bed they could lay down in at the end of the day. If some of the Israelites could have returned to Egypt, they would have gladly given up their freedom. However, to much happened and returning back to Egypt was not an option. When they were faced with a challenge they were willing to undo everything God had done, and return to the place of bondage. In my opinion, after all that God had done to get Israel out of bondage, I’m sure God could handle providing a meal and something to drink!

Okay! Let me make my point! To my readers, you haven’t experience 400 years of slavery in Egypt but you may know what it’s like to exit an oppressive situation with nothing but yourself. You are free from the situation but inside you have some unsettled questions that needs to be addressed. What is my next move? Who can I turn to for help or do I do this alone? Where will I live? What will I eat? Who’s gonna protect me? Who can I trust? WHAT NOW? All of these are valid questions because life goes on. You still have to live!

 I’ve been at that place and asked those same questions. Please allow me to share 4 points I discovered:

 1.      God was well informed about my situation.

 2.      God was there when I got in it.

 3.      God was there while I was going through it.  AND

 4.      God was the one who brought me out of it.

In Genesis 15:13, God told Abraham that the nation of Israel would be in bondage to Egypt for 400 years. He showed it to Abraham in a dream. However, God told Abraham that from that he would make Israel a great nation. God did just that! The Bible states “ But the more they afflicted them (Israel), the more they multiplied and the more they spread out, so that they were in dread of the sons of Israel (Exodus 1:12).” God had a bigger purpose not revealed to the nation of Israel but it was accomplished. Sometimes, when we experience difficult situations in life, we feel like God is unjust. However, God had a plan for Israel. God used 400 years to transform the man Jacob (who he renamed Israel; Genesis 32:28) into a nation called Israel. Israel went into Egypt as a Father with thirteen sons and left Egypt a full blown nation. Take a minute to reflect on where you were and who you are now and identify how you’ve changed. If your situation has not changed you for the better, then it was all in vain and you missed the blessing. What you’ve suffered couldn’t kill you. It temporarily ruled over you but God built you to last. Sure, at times, it brought you to your knees! However, while you were down there, God was listening to your cries and making you strong. How else would you have been able to endure?

 Out of ignorance, some people buy into the lie that God hates them, God doesn’t care about them or God doesn’t love them. The Bible tells us how God feels about us. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”(Jeremiah 29:11)  Trust God! God wouldn’t allow you to survive the environment of no hope and then allow you to die in the land of possibility. The only thing you lack is faith in God! God knows what you want and knows what you need. Although Israel was out of Egypt, they still needed to be transformed. Their mindset had to change. They had to learn to be strong. They had to learn how to endure. They didn’t realize that in the promise land there was a bigger fight awaiting them and the wilderness was God’s training camp to get them ready to possess what He had promised them. An enemy never gives you what’s yours without a fight. Israel had never learned to fight. They learned how to survive. Fighting and surviving are not the same. Whatever it is you came out of, you learned how to survive, now God wants to teach you how to fight. Great things await you! There is nothing worse than seeing what you’ve waited for but unable to possess it.

So, in conclusion, my Grandmother would say, “If God brought you out, He’ll bring you in”. God wants to transform you to receive what he has for you. God promised he would never leave you or forsake you. So, let God run the show! God has all the bases covered and he will tell you when to move and how to move!


 Pastor Lawrence


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  1. Pastor l. Rich says:

    I got so must enjoy as you were expounding on God’s words. I love the fact that we can use God’s word to realize that God care for us and knows us better than we know ourselves. And it is God’s good pleasure to bless us and the requirement is that we truth,love & obey him. In these perilous times we sure need to be zealous about the things of God. You preach on and I bid you God’s speed.

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